Becoming an Authority in Your Chosen Niche Creates SUCCESS

Once you choose your niche, become an Authority on it, dominate it, once you have mastered it people will gravitate to you when they have a question or when they want to learn.
 Amz Authority Zone is your path to SUCCESS. 

CHOOSE A NICHE and stick with it, and become the Authority on it. 

What I Do


I Teach.

Since I was 23 years old I have been a teacher first a Scuba diving Instructor for 20 years and for the past 12 years I have taught thousands Affiliate Marketing and product creation and been named a best of the best Affiliate by WarriorPlus

I Speak.

I have spoken on stage at some of the premier Internet Marketing events all over the world such as the Warrior Event and Fusion Events from Florida to Raleigh NC, USA across Asia to Bangkok and Chiang Mai Thailand.

I Create

Over the past 12 years I have created hundreds of online make money online courses including Amazon Courses, Affiliate Marketing and some unique one of a kind courses as well as being a best of the best TOP Affiliate online.

Need Advice?

I am online every single day and I am always open to answering questions (time permitting) I have a FREE facebook group you can join to connect directly with me. 

My e-Books & Courses

As a Best of the Best Course creator and affiliate Marketer I have created Hundreds of courses over the years Check out my latest Free E Books and my online courses as well as other products from Marketers that are Authorities in their fields.


“ I followed Gaz’s teachings and I have increased my net worth into 6 figures, he is incredibly helpful and always there when I need help. I am happy to give him a testimonial with 100% confidence he can help you too . ”

Soren Nielson Chiang Mai Thailand

My Story

Gaz is originally from Birmingham United Kingdom and grew up in a lower middle working class neighborhood, not rich by any means but always had what he wanted when Christmas rolled around.

From a very early time it was always apparent that Gaz was not going to be your normal 9 to 5 worker and he often found himself day dreaming about travelling the world and escaping the bitter cold and rain that the UK is known for.


As Gaz hit his early 20’s he found himself homeless living out of his only possession, a bright yellow Triumph Dolomite Car, he spent many a night freezing in that car dreaming about warm far off places but was quickly transported back to his reality.