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To become successful online in todays online world you need to be become THE AUTHORITY in your chosen niche the person or website that is known to be the BEST. The Amz Authority Zone teaches you how to build THE AUTHORITY WEBSITE customers turn to when they have a question or when they want to shop online,
to buy, or just have a question they want answered in the chosen niche subject.

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We teach you stuff that WORKS and is proven to grow your Authority over time.

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We use Quizzes as an additional form of teaching and progress reporting

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All our courses and training are by people who are an authority in their niches

Our Most Popular Courses

Our Most Popular Courses right now are Crypto For Beginners, The Great Reset, and Affiliate Marketing including the Beginners Guide to Making your First Dollar Online With Amazon as well as Niche Marketing.

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Learn, Absorb, Create, BECOME THE AUTHORITY

We teach you what works long term and while it may be slow at first it will be ultimately faster. Once you become the Authority in your niche you will be set for life.

We know what we are doing and have been doing this for many many years we know what works and what is a waste of time, learn from us and speed up your path to success

Gaz Cooper and the other course creators at the authority zone are all successful people who have made tens of thousands online and have taught others to do the same. SIGN UP TODAY 

Gaz Cooper Founder & CEO

Gaz Cooper Awarded Best of the Best Online

What Our Students Have to Say

I have followed Gaz's advice and reacings for the past several years and I have hit 6 figures doing it. I can highly recommend you follow him as he is always there to help when there is a problem and always great advice.
Soren Nielson
From Chiang Mai Thailand
Gaz got me on the right path taught me the basics and I then ran with it and am doing fantastic HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Jason Dow
From Canada
I was one of the first to take Gaz's Crypto for Beginners I knew nothing at all and the course is laid out and easy to understand even for a complete beginner. I am now investing and making money with Crypto THANKS GAZ
Suzanne Silberstein
West Palm Beach, Florida
I have followed Gaz since 2010 and his Early Bird Amazon Affiliate course is da bomb and works every year without fail when he releases the new products, I can get them to Google's first page instantly. He is legit
Peter Fisher
From London, UK