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You Have Made An

Hey Guys my name is Gaz Cooper and I am the Founder of the HODLER ACADEMY, the leading Membership site for teaching complete beginners how to get started with cryptocurrency.
I hope you are as excited as I to get started because with your timing it is very realistic for retirement to be reached in less than 5 years if you get started in Crypto NOW!

Gaz Cooper Founder Amz Authority Zone

You have timed your interest in learning all about crypto perfectly, its never too late to get started but  you have timed it perfectly as there is so much opportunity at this time.


According to the washing times, if you had invested just $100 into Bitcoin in 2010 it would of grown in your wallet to over 


Yes that is SEVENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS in just 11 years at a price of $37,000 per Bitcoin. At its all time high of $68,000 it would be 150 Million.

Another CRAZY Story

In 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz became famous as the first person ever to buy Pizza with Bitcoin. Laszlo ordered 5 Pizza’s for the total cost of just 10,000 Bitcoins.
It was a historic occasion and Laszlo Hanyecz has gone down in history. 
Laszlo will forever be the first guy ever to actually spend Bitcoins online and for an actual product.


If only he knew that within just 10 years those 10,000 Bitcoins would be worth OVER 3 BILLION Dollars. Laszlo Hanyecz will now be famous for 2 things

1.) Being the first person EVER to buy something with Bitcoin.

2.) Being the guy that paid $3 Billion Dollars for Pizza.

While Laszlo is OK with the situation, we can learn a lesson and that is once you identify a good crypto currency then the most profitable way to make a fortune is HOLD and wait, and that has been proven over and over again in the Crypto world. 


If you have ANY DOUBT about where the future lies check out all the companies advertising Crypto jobs.
Some of the biggest’s names in business know what the future is and its CRYPTO.
NOW IS THE TIME YOU SHOULD BE LEARNING, what is about to rule the world.

You are still incredibly early and there are amazing opportunities presenting themselves that give you a very real chance of retiring early.

Less Than 10% of The Worlds
Population Owns CryptoCurrency

UFC partners with Crypto trading site

The fact that less than 10% of the worlds population owns any crypto goes to show just how early you are and your timing is perfect.
This year Crypto interest is going to explode and companies are heavily marketing to the masses sponsoring the UFC advertising on the Superbowl and television.
Crypto is the future and you need to learn about it NOW to postion yourself to benefit before the masses arrive.


Getting started with Crypto can be very confusing not to mention it is a minefield that has to be carefully navigated.
Investing in Crypto is the wild wild west, a bit like back in the early days of the Internet, it is confusing with lots of new words and terminology such as, DEFI, Blockchains, Cold Wallet, Hard Wallet and many many more new sayings. At the moment they are new, but in a couple of years everyone will know what they mean.
When looking to learn, you need a teacher that understands you are a complete beginner, and understands nothing so keep it simple.


How do I start learning about crypto assets and currency? Hodler Academy
Your First Cryptocurrency Course

At the HODLER ACADEMY we take you by the hand and teach you as if you know NOTHING.  We teach via short videos that explain things in a very clear and easy to understand manner, lessons are laid out so you can quickly go back to a video and refresh your memory. Lessons are specifically designed for complete beginners.
The HODLER ACADEMY is the only membership site we know that takes a complete beginner and shows them how to invest in Crypto currency step by step.

Lets Look At What is Included In This Crypto Beginners Membership


Your First Cryptocurrency Course

We will start off with an Introduction to the Crypto world and then the first 2 modules we introduce you to new words and phrases which you will need to know to understand the subject and navigate the crypto world.


Bitcoin explained

We go over the current King of crypto a brief history and reveal if Bitcoin will continue to be King or become the NAPSTER of crypto destined to be relegated as old technology as new high tech Cryptos appear,

Other Cryptos

In multiple modules we will introduce well known coins you may of heard of on the news and how these are misleading the masses and setting them up for massive losses. We will show you how to avoid this and which ones to focus on. 

The Chosen

This module reveals 5 chosen coins that will run the new worlds financial system this module alone can make you incredibly wealthy since most of these coins are less than $1 and there is a massive reset about to happen.

The Secret

We will reveal the SECRET Formula to use whenever looking at any Crypto coin and by following this formula it will given you the absolute BEST opportunity for profit.
We have yet to see this formula fail.


In this module you are going to told about all the risks and pitfalls in crypto its easy to avoid them if you are aware of them and this is what this video module its all about. Once you watch this you will be pre warned.

In Depth Explantions

Tons of videos that you can easily refer to that explain in depth what certain topics are including crypto coins, blockchains, terminology of words and these easy to understand videos are easily accessble.

How To Buy Crypto

We teach you step by step how to buy your first currency. First we explain what to buy and which offer the best long term return as well as how to go about buying and from where and where to store it safely

Exchanges And How They Work

There are so many crypto exchanges including centralized and decentralized 🙂 of course we explain what that means in depth and then show you exactly how crypto exchanges work to buy and sell.

How To Store Crypto

crypto wallets

Once you have bought some crypto you need to store it safely because just like the wild west there are bandits out there looking to rob you. We will show you how to securely store your crypto.

This is just a tiny fraction of the lessons in the HODLER ACADEMY and we are constantly adding new lessons as the market expands, a good example is NFT’s and the Metaverse (gaming Crypto Coins) as well as decentralized finance, staking, and yield farming.

The HODLER ACADEMY is your one stop for crypto education so join our monthly membership today and get started.

What Our Students Have To Say

Disclosure: The above 2 testimonials are from coaching students and members that have worked with me personally using the same information in the membership site.

Disclosure: Suzanne was the first ever member and was a complete beginner, she was given access free as a test subject this testimonial is her real life experience going from complete beginner to crypto investor. Peter is a long time customer who recently joined but as yet to complete the course but gave a testimonial of his past experience of my courses and teaching capabilities. 

This is Your Opportunity

YOU ARE VERY EARLY. you have the chance to make a serious amount of money in a short time. By now you should realize that Crypto currency is the future and those that do not see that, and do not learn about this new monetary system will be doomed to be slaves to the system.  If you LEARN NOW you have the chance to create generational wealth over the coming years but you need to have a solid understanding.

This membership is packed full of lessons and is just $37 monthly with new lessons added on a regular basis.

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY 26th September to 3rd October UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP JUST $47.00 ONE TIME PAYMENT after October 3rd it goes back to Monthly membership.

Take control of your future and sign up now.

I am not your Financial Advisor nor do i offer financial advice, this membership is to teach you about crypto and how it all works, we do not offer any financial advice or investment advice in anyway. If you seeking that please speak with a Professional financial planner..
Anything provided in this membership is for informational purposes only and our personal opinions only.  Seek professional advise before making any investment. For a complete disclaimer please click the link below before joining.