Crypto For Beginners

Crypto Currency For Beginners is going to be MASSIVE in 2022 and beyond and crypto is here to stay so you need to start learning about Crypto TODAY!

The Guide to Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Investing in Crypto for Beginners

So you want to invest in digital currencies and cryptocurrency, and become a crypto currency investor. That is a pretty big commitment but the smartest move you will make is to learn about Blockchain technology, the Cryptocurrency market  and Crypto assets and of course learning investment strategies in cryptocurrency.

While investing in crypto currency is a good investment you must always take into account risk management as cryptocurrency prices can be very volatile so a comparison service is also recommended when buying stocks or cryptocurrencies

Crypto for Beginners

2022 is The Year For Beginners To Invest in Crypto

Did you know that 2022 is the year the general public will get direct exposure to the services offered by crypto exchanges which will give them the opportunity  to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency trading for Beginners is going to explode and many people will get into cryptocurrency investing and become crypto investors exchanging the usd coin and invest in crypto in hope they can attain financial freedom.

Many crypto investors think Crypto will replace their national currency but this is unlikely; it will most likely work in tandem with national currency.

The Crypto Industry is going to be very aggressive in advertising and crypto traders and digital assets will explode in popularity, if you watch sporting events you will see Crypto companies are advertising heavily using their cash flow to advertise to the general public to sell cryptocurrencies to you when buying crypto from their exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Services are Exploding

Cryptocurrency Exchange Services are Exploding

The UFC (Mixed Martial Arts) now has a Sponsor, so every UFC event you will see selling Crypto and digital currency options on the Octagon mat and on all the fighters’ shirts, Crypto has made a big investment in advertising to the masses.

Crypto Trading Services have also taken over the STAPLES center in Los Angeles and it is now called the CRYPTO center and 2 Crypto companies have already secured adverts for the 2022 Super Bowl advertising crypto coins to the many investors watching the UFC.

These advertisers want to market and teach Investment strategy about blockchain technology, smart contracts, market cap, as well as investments in other cryptocurrencies and show what a potential good investment digital currency is, when making your financial decisions.

This shows that Bitcoin and other is going to be massive in the coming years and you have timed your investment interest in learning about Crypto perfectly.
As a Beginner to Crypto you have most likely heard of Bitcoin and we know Bitcoin is the current king of crypto with a current market cap of almost a trillion dollars. At the time of writing an investment in Bitcoin will set you back $35,000 and Bitcoins past performance investors have had a rollercoaster ride as they invest their money in bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency.

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Bottom line cryptocurrency is here to stay so you need to get on it now as you can still be one of the very first to learn the best way to start investing in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin uses a lot of computing power which means Bitcoin is not very environmentally friendly but investors still seem to be investing their money in the Bitcoin Market Asset Management Services adding Bitcoin to their investments.

The most important thing is to TAKE THINGS SLOW the cryptocurrency market can be an incredible wealth builder.

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Are Cryptocurrencies LEGAL?

legality of crypto

Investments in Bitcoin just like stocks when using an exchange is without doubt legal but it is also the Wild West and you need to steer clear of some investments just as you would do with some stocks.
Investing in crypto assets is still incredibly early with the market and exchange assets being targeted by lots of crooks looking for the chance to steal your Crypto by trying to hack the exchange and blockchain technology.

There are other associated currency and financial products like commodity futures trading commission and stocks and shares but this is not the course for that information.

It is our goal to guide beginners to Crypto legitimate assets and services and sources of information on getting started in investing in Bitcoin and Crypto to get the best return on your money. We will do our best to provide you with the very best services and to guide you to the very best Cryptocurrency courses for Beginners.

Best Cryptocurrency Book For Those Starting Out

Best Cryptocurrency Book For Those Starting Out

We strive to keep our information accurate and personally think the best beginners book at this time is THE GREAT RESET and you can download it for FREE by clicking on the blue link above. There are LIMITED copies available to sell so do it right away.

How do I start learning about crypto assets and currency?

How do I start learning about crypto assets and currency? Hodler Academy

The best way to start learning crypto and risk management for beginners is to take your time as it will be a completely new world for you, with new Cryptocurrency words and slang that will take you some time to absorb and understand but eventually you will see just how easy it is to buy cryptocurrency and digital assets.  Learning what is the best takes time and it is important to find a simple cryptocurrency course, one that understands that a beginner to crypto needs things explained in a very clear and easy to understand and the Beginners course in crypto needs to be laid out in a simple and easy fashion for easy learning so it shows just how easy it is to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency for Dummies

We consider the Best course for learning and buying crypto is The Hodler Academys Crypto for Beginners Course which is a course of simple to understand videos explaining how potential investors can get started relevant for a cryptocurrency trading course.

Hodlers Academy - Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Course – Crypto currency investing for dummies Course Outline

1.) Introduction to Crypto for Beginners

This first video will introduce you to the cryptocurrency investing for beginners course. It will explain what to expect from the course and will show you how investing in cryptocurrency for dummies is very easy.

2.) New Crypto words and Slang for Beginners

As the best cryptocurrency trading course there are lots of new words and slang for you to learn so you understand when navigating the rest of the course and this cryptocurrency guide for beginners will do just that.

3.) Learning new Crypto words and sayings.

Investing in crypto requires learning the new words and sayings that you will hear everyday when you learn to invest in cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency training course is the best book to learn about cryptocurrency.

4.) Bitcoin KING of Crypto

You can buy cryptocurrency from exchanges including Bitcoin. The exchange commission varies each time you purchase or sell. Bitcoin is still the biggest investment out there and well worth the investment we would say, however we will also discuss what we think is a better investment based on the current timing..

5.) Ethereum QUEEN of Crypto

Ethereum is the Queen of crypto and the second largest crypto right after Bitcoin and while neither is considered legal tender as yet it is still considered a form of money.

We explain what Ethereum is and how it relates to real money as well as its use cases and how investing in Ethereum is a smart investment just like Trading in Bitcoin is. As Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to be the big money the transactions added from other crypto is growing fast.

6.)  Dogecoin the JOKE of Cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin the JOKE of Cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin is also attempting to be money but initially Dogecoin started off as joke money.

The problem is the masses started investing in Dogecoin because of the media coverage where celebrities like Elon Musk and Gene Simmons from Kiss who seemed to like to sell the story that Dogecoin was going to be real money that would be used in daily transactions.

Many professionals give the advice to steer clear of this especially when beginners crypto investing for the first time.

While Dogecoin can be classed as a digital asset which can and is used in transactions the asset is really a risky asset and we will explain all that and give you solid advice for this asset in the Dogecoin instructional video in the course.

7.) The Chosen Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

While Bitcoin is king, it is not in the chosen cryptocurrencies in this chapter of the course but you can take it to the bank that Bitcoin is still number 1.
This chapter is going to expose 5 cryptocurrencies that are going to rule the world and if you take our advice you will be focusing on these 5 chosen ones.

One of these crypto’s conducts millions of transactions per day and will be doing billions of transactions per day in the coming years.

The Chosen Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

All 5 offer products or services that are going to change the world and these products or services are very wide ranging to be able to handle the financial transactions of the world..

8.) Blockchain Explained

Blockchain is going to change the world and will be a big part of the future of this niche and you can take that to the bank. In this section of the course we will explain what is blockchain and how it works and what it is a big part of the future of the crypto world.

9.) DEFI Explained

Defi is the future of decentralised finance and in this section of the course we will explain what defi is and how it will fit in with the future of the new financial world. 

10.) Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Trading Bitcoins for beginners is done on Crypto exchanges where you buy and sell crypto assets including Bitcoin and thousands of others you need to learn about cryptocurrency exchanges.

11.) Crypto Exchanges explained for beginners

In this crypto trading course we will go deep into explaining how crypto exchanges work since you will be using them a lot as you get into crypto.

12.) Choosing the right Exchange for Beginners.

There are so many exchanges you need to learn which are the best ones to use based on where you are located.

13.) An IMPORTANT WARNING to all Crypto Beginners

This is probably one of the most important training modules since this very important information is a massive warning to anyone getting into crypto and it needs your full attention..

An IMPORTANT WARNING to all Crypto Beginners

14.) A Beginners Guide to Buying your first Cryptocurrency

So we are ready to buy our first crypto currency and in this module of the course we are going to walk you step by step on how to buy your first crypto currency.

15.) How to Store Your Crypto, a Beginners Guide.

Once you have purchased your first crypto currency you now have to keep it safe and Gaz is now a pro on that since he lost $600,000 in crypto as it was stolen from him (that’s another story for later) so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you learn how to safely store your crypto once purchased and in this module that is exactly what we are going to be doing.

16.) Cryptocurrency Utility Wins The Day.

In this module we are going to be talking about what specific crypto coins do i.e. what is their utility and how that effects on which coins we should be buying for the long term.

Your First CryptoCurrency Course

This IN DEPTH Beginners Course takes you by the hand and explains everything, understanding that you are a complete beginner to Crypto and everything needs to be explained in a clear and concise manner.

When learning this subject it is very important for beginners to have the subject explained in a very easy to understand format as it can get complicated and confusing if not taught in a very easy manner. In this course it is explained slowly and methodically so you understand  each step before moving onto the next.
Once you learn the new terminologies you will see its pretty easy.

You can sign up to the course by clicking on the picture

Beginners SIGN UP NOW!

How much should I invest in Cryptocurrency as a beginner?

This is one of the most important questions we can ask when getting into crypto for the first time and it is VERY IMPORTANT you take the time to understand this section of the course so you don’t get wrecked.This is one of the most important questions we can ask when getting into crypto for the first time and it is VERY IMPORTANT you take the time to understand this section of the course so you don’t get wrecked.

How much should I invest in Cryptocurrency as a beginner?

How Can a Beginner Invest in Cryptocurrency?

It is easy to get started in crypto just find a solid easy to understand crypto course and learn as much as you can.

You can also use youtube as there are many great videos on there that you can refer to but of course it is always good to have someone you can turn to when you have a question and that is why we like the Hodler Academy which is a community of beginners that all help each other. 

Dummies Guide to Cryptocurrency

This well known brand has published a book on crypto and it is available on Amazon just be sure if you purchase it you purchase the latest up to date version since even a book from last year could be very out of date as crypto moves so fast.

Buying Crypto for Beginners

As we have previously mentioned it is extremely important that you take your time and do your own research prior to spending any of your money. Crypto is extremely volatile and we have to advise you to join a membership on crypto for those starting out so you can learn in a safe manner. 

Binance for Beginners

Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world and at one time or another you will most likely use it so it’s important you know of it and a little about it.

Binance is originally Chinese but they moved out of China and now their head office is located in Georgetown, Cayman Island but they also have 40 regional offices across 38 countries.

Binance for Beginners

Buying Cryptocurrency for Beginners?

Just follow the links in this article where you will have many avenues to learn about this subject.

There is so much to learn and it can be confusing at times so be sure to join our membership where we teach crypto to compelete beginners in an easy to understand manner.

We have written a book for you that you can downloaded FREE just click on the book cover and enjoy.

Free Crypto Book for Beginners

Crypto Investing for Beginners: Why Investing In Cryptocurrency for Beginners?

The Best Cryptocurrency Book for Beginners is as we have mentioned above just click one of the images to download for free.
It is a crypto beginners guide as well as showing you what the best crypto for beginners is.

We think the best cryptocurrency for beginners is the chosen 5. Please scroll up and read about them as we think it is one of the best beginners guide to crypto.

Beginner crypto trading and trading crypto for beginners is easy if you follow the guides in this article. We have made trading cryptocurrency for dummies easy and we look forward to guiding you to financial freedom with ease!

Crypto Trading for Beginners FAQs

Your Crypto Questions Answered

Beginner Questions on Learning Crypto

Since you are reading this you have already started the process and the best way to get started is find a starter course that explains things in a simple manner since crypto can be confusing with all the new words and phrases that you will have to learn.

The best advice we can give you is to take a look at the Hodler Academy which is a membership site specifically built for absolute beginners to crypto.

It explains everything in a slow, clear and concise manner and there is a community where you can ask questions as well as have 24/7 access to Gaz via the helpdesk and messaging service
You can sign up here The Hodler Academy

Buying and selling crypto can be tricky to get started. First you need to take your time and learn the process and do your own research to ensure you are doing it the right way.

To go about this on your own with no guidance is not smart and you should be looking to join a membership site that offers a step by step guide to show you exactly how to get started in cryptos.

On this page there are recommendations for  membership sites to take a look at as well as links to other training and education websites.

How do Beginners trade in crypto ?

This is too much of a loaded question to answer in a simple answer to a question since how to buy and sell is complex and requires a cryptocurrency exchange and how all that works as well as what crypto you want to trade

.We suggest you take a look at the courses we offer which will walk you through this process and show you step by step exactly how to do it.

Theoretically you can start buying crypto with $1 it just depends on what your budget is, some coins cost a fraction of a penny while others cost thousands of dollars per one but you can still buy fractions of the higher priced coins.

For example you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin which is called a Satoshi.

The best advice you can be given is do not invest more than you are prepared to lose as while crypto can make you a lot of money it can also have massive crashes and you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Join a membership site that offers a crypto course and learn as much as you can about it before ever risking any real money. There are many courses out there that are great and I have listed a few below for you to take a look at.

Can you lose all your money in crypto?

While you can make a lot of money with crypto you can also lose a lot so it is very important that you do your own research before investing in any investment.

Investing in Crypto is one of the most volatile investment assets you could be involved with and the swings can be absolutely lethal.

It is not unusual for your investment to lose up to 20% in a day and you could also lose up to 80% but you need to remember that you never lose anything unless you sell.

Many times when the price drops sharply it can also rebound even more making you even more profits and we think the best thing we can say about this is crypto is not for the faint hearted.

Crypto is an entirely unique industry which is growing by leaps and bounds and gaining immense popularity as well.
To get to the basics of learning, one must keep in mind that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,
Ripple and many others are very much related to the stock market. So, one can learn about the basic trading terms like short selling, option hedging, arbitrage, position, and many others right away. 

If one is completely new to the Cryptocurrency world then you can simply rely on our article on beginners guide to learn about buying and selling Bitcoin which is a great example and it’s free so you don’t have to pay anything for it.

The best place to start is by doing some research and watching some youtube videos which you don’t have to pay for; this will give you a basic understanding and you can go from there.

Once you think you are ready to move onto the next step it is then time to join a crypto membership site where they will teach you step by step how to safely get into crypto and buy your first coins you can find an example of some that we have on offer in the menu part of this website.

There is so much involved and so much to learn when getting into crypto it is important you take your time because that will pay off in the long run.

We would not recommend you at all to get into that at this time and it is a great example of how you could lose all your money in one foul swoop.

The swings in crypto can be massive and unless you know exactly what you are doing you will lose your shirt.

This is going to depend on your budget and your goals, at the time of writing the coins that look like they have great growth potential and metaverse and gaming coins like Gala Games, Axi Infinity, Equilibrium Games and others.
Before investing be sure to do your own research.

This depends on many variables such as budget, interests and goals. The flavor of the day at the time of writing is Metaverse Gaming coins such as Axi infinity, Gala Games, Equilibrium Games, Sidus, Star Atlas and many other gaming coins. NFT’s (non fungible tokens) are also very popular with growing interest.

Another consideration is if you are interested in crypto day trading which is very volatile or the safer option of picking a coin that has long term growth potential and then just holding it.
As always do your own research before investing in any digital asset.

No such thing each has its own use case and as we have mentioned utility will win the day so you want to be investing in coins that have long term potential and they solve a problem a good example of a cheap cryptocurrency with long term potential is XDC.

XDC is specifically designed to handle high volume world trade finance and allow both parties to pay each other and settle the account within seconds.
Fpr example: the USA wants to buy 1 Billion dollars worth of oil from Saudi Arabia. Obviously a transaction this large cannot be conducted and settled fast using the existing structure so XDC and its blockchain is being developed so both parties can conduct the transaction and settle it within seconds.

That is a great example of utility and blockchain and solving a problem.

If you are just starting out and are looking at investing for the long term then please download for free the GREAT RESET. It will guide you to exactly what is happening within the financial world and suggest some inexpensive coins that you can go and research and decide if they are something you would invest in.

Robo Advisors are automated to provide financial planning services without little to no human intervention.

Crypto For Beginners Questions Continued

Read books, watch Youtube or join a crypto membership that will teach you the most important thing is be careful and take your time

We highly recommend you read THE GREAT RESET which will explain that a massive once in a lifetime change is happening in the financial world.

Currently the world financial system is moving over to digital and this will create an opportunity that will make many people very rich.

Yes there are many great books on Crypto and cryptocurrency we have mentioned a few above but here is also a selection of books that are great reads.
There are hundreds of books about this subject and we have put a selection below for you to precious we also have some free books by clicking on the menu

There is no one course that is the best and there can be so many courses based on different parts of crypto so it really depends on what subject you are wanting to focus on before being able to answer this question accurately

Yes there is a course we recommend called the Hodler Academy. They offer multiple courses and even offers some free books to get you started
You can find more information by clicking the LINK below.

By far the most valuable and successful crypto currency is Bitcoin followed by Ethereum although that does NOT mean they are the best to invest in as a beginner.

It has been proven that holding and waiting produces the best return over a number of years however there are always exceptions to the rule but remember crypto is very volatile so day trading is extremely risky with huge swings.
If you are not experienced, it’s best to stick to buying and holding your cryptocurrency.

Places like youtube and websites like this one are a great way to learn however joining a community crypto membership site with like minded people is always the best option as you can ask questions, get advice and become part of the community so be sure to check out The Hodler Academy.

We believe that utility wins in the long term so we are very bullish on crypto that solves problems such as XRP which solves the problem of cross border payments, then there is XDC which is set to handle high value world trade finance.
There are so many coins with potential it is best to research and look for those that are working to solve a problem those will be the ones that will succeed.
Coins like DOGE while they garner a lot of press coverage they have a zero use case and over the long term will ultimately lose the investor his money.

We have provided multiple options within this article for you to get started may we suggest you download the FREE E Book the Great Reset which will explain more for you and is a great starting point.

The Great Reset is the perfect book for beginners to get started with and it’s FREE so just download it and get stuck in

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