Check out a little about Gaz and his very interesting life from being homeless in the UK to Scuba Diving around the world and onto becoming an Award winning Online Marketer.

Gaz Cooper

The Story

Gaz is originally from Birmingham United Kingdom and grew up in a lower middle working class neighborhood, not rich by any means but always had what he wanted when Christmas rolled around. From a very early time it was always apparent that Gaz was not going to be your normal 9 to 5 worker and he often found himself day dreaming about travelling the world and escaping the bitter cold and rain that the UK is known for. BUT HOW?

As Gaz hit his early 20’s he found himself homeless living out of his one and only  possession, a bright yellow Triumph Dolomite and spent many a night freezing in that car dreaming about warm far off places but then quickly transported back to his reality.

There were times when Gaz literally had no money for fuel and the choice was a bag of Chips (fries) or a bit of fuel to put in the car so at night when it was so cold he could start the car and have the heater on to warm up a little.
Luckily it was his lifelong mate Steve Duffield who would take pity on him and take him on his Bread delivery round and pay him £10 to help him out.

Those were very tough times with no future and stuck in a rut in the UK dreaming of how to get out.

Gaz finally got a break and found his way out of the UK and ended up in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote) where be became a seller of Holiday vacations and this gave him the opportunity to follow his true passion which was Scuba diving. 

At this point Gaz met his first mentors a Dutch couple, Rene Van Leeuwen and Dea his wife.

After the company Gaz was working for collapsed, Gaz asked for a job at theGaz in Lanzarote Dive shop only to be told that he did not have enough experience nor could they afford to employ anyone as a fairly newly opened school.
This is where Gaz made them an offer they could not refuse, he offered to work for free to become an authority on Scuba diving and learn as much as he could from Rene, all he wanted was a place to bed down and some food.

They said yes and for the next 3 years Gaz learned as much as he could from Rene and eventually became a certified Instructor and this was the catalyst that set Gaz on his adventures around the world.

After backpacking to Florida USA then across America and down into Mexico, funds were again becoming tight and it was time to look for a job and as Gaz was an Instructor, it should be easy right ?

After a short time in Acapulco it was time to cross Mexico heading to the diving mecca spots of Cozumel and the Yucatan and ultimately head to Belize where Gaz had arranged to meet his mate from Lanzarote, Iain Ashby .

It was not until Gaz arrived in Belize that he found that Instructors job he was looking for and eventually spent 16 years in Belize opening 3 dive shops and eventually  becoming the one of the most well known Dive shop owners in Belize.

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